Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lunch Time Confusions

I finished eating my lunch and went to the cashier with my bill. The bill was for 1,000 yen. The sales tax section was blank.
I asked the waitress if the bill included the sales tax. She said, “Yes, the sales tax is exclusive.”
When I heard the “yes” I was going to pay the amount in the bill and leave. Then it occurred to me she said the sales tax was excluded.
So, I looked for some extra yen in my coin purse.
I left one 1,000-yen bill, a 50-yen coin, two 10-yen coins, and two 5-yen coins. She looked at the money and stayed quiet for a while. I thought there was something wrong with the money I gave to her. It was not that. She was trying to add the bill and coins. Come to think of it, she was not the first person who will take time to count money.

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