Wednesday, June 22, 2016


This is my way of showing appreciations to Key and Peele

Deity:      Ah, so, sir, you are in Japtown.

Teacher:  Am I in what? Japtown? I don'wanna be in Japtown.
Deity:       Don’t you worry, ah, so, sir.
Teacher:   Stop saying, ‘ah so,’ man. Where did you learn that?
Deity:       What is wrong with it? I have learned the Japanese will say, “Ah so.”
Teacher:   Drop that crap, man! You don’t say no 'ah, so,' in Japan unless you're really an axx hxxx, he he he.
Deity:      I wish you are more subtle with the choice of your words. I just wanted to welcome you. From now on, I’ll call you what, Nicky, I guess.    
Teacher:  That’s better. So, I’m in Japtown? You mean I don’t have to lie that I’m an American any more and my students will accept me as a teacher of English even though they know I am Japanese?
Deity:       That is correct, sir, except for the fact that...
Teacher:   Don’t sir me. I'm not used to that.
Deity:        OK… Now, what?
Teacher:    So, you are saying I am now in a place where there is no racial discrimination?
Wife:         Wake up, honey! You’re scaring me.
Teacher:   Oh, I was just having a nightmare. I was in Japtown.
Wife:         Yes, you are.


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mseko1 said...

Nicky, it is my contention that the most dedicated students of the English language in Japan already look at you as a role model and teacher.

Nicky Sekino said...

Thank Michael. I have tried as humorous as possible. And don't want to sound angry. - Nicky