Friday, March 20, 2015

Arguing Children

I was working in my room while some children were playing outside the window. First I did not pay attention to what they were saying because I had more urgent agenda: writing this DQEE blog. Then their tone caught my attention: they were not talking but arguing. In fact, they were arguing over something and the arguments were quite serious like they were about to start a fist fight.

It turned out that they were quarrelling over some toys. But the way they said was like, "I told you it's mine. Don't touch it, stupid!" The shouting became louder and louder and were piercing through my double-pane window. If it were adults, they would never be friends again.

What happened the next moment was that they were playing together as if they were close friends. I thought the Japanese will change their communication style from direct to indirect as they grow older.


- Nicky Sekino

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