Saturday, May 14, 2016

Japanese celebrity apologizes for scandals she is not responsible for

A celebrity of Japan, Becky, 32, was born in Japan. She had a British father and a Japanese mother. Becky’s full name was Rebecca Eri Ray Vaughan (Wikipedia, 2016).
Becky was a household name for her merry and likable personality (Excite News, 2016). She appeared in 77 TV programs and seven movies between 2000 and 2016. She was also a singer. She released 19 CD titles between 2009 and 2012 (Wikipedia, 2016). No wonder, she was one of the top nominees among popular TV celebrities in 2015 (Shueisha, 2015).
Her popularity suddenly dropped in early 2016 when she was accused of having an affair with a pop singer Enon Kawatani 27. She later told reporters that he had cheated on her because he kept secret that he was married when the two began to see each other in fall 2015. (Buzz News, 2016).
When the scandal broke, she was exposed to public curiosities because of the gap between a household name and a love affair was big (Excite News, 2016). She said before reporters, “I had been highly inconsiderate. I apologize that my behavior has inconvenienced many people.” (You Tube, 2016).
She had 10 TV commercial contracts in early 2016 and lost all of them (Asagei Plus, 2016). According to Goromaru web report (2016), Becky used to charge from 20 million yen to 30 million yen to appear in a single TV commercial (Live Door News, 2016). This means the total revenues could have reached from 400 million yen to 600 million yen by appearing in the 10 TV commercials. Live Door News reported on the speculation that she might face a fine of from 300 million yen to 500 million yen for failing to do commercial duties (2016).
Enon faced the public pressure to apologize for the scandal. He resisted it by saying, “It is our private matter and why should I apologize? Apologize to whom, anyway?” in a TV interview (JCAST TV Watch, 2016). He announced his divorce with his wife on his blog in 2016 (Eon No Kawata Nikki, 2016).

People had the pros and cons about her reappearance on TV. About 600 people waited for her early TV appearance. About 1500 people thought early spring was a good time to appear on TV. About 3300 people thought early spring would be too early to appear on TV. One housewife, who was against Becky’s earlier TV appearance, said, “She has devastated a family just the same even if she claims innocence. She should stay away from TV,” (Sports Hochi, 2016).

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