Sunday, June 19, 2016

Ichiro is humble about his achievements but eloquent about his inner thoughts

Ichiro, Miami Marlins outfielder, made 4,257 hits on June 15, 2016, surpassing the previous record made by Pete Rose. When The Asahi Shimbun, Japan’s daily paper, interviewed him, he was humble about his achievements but quite eloquent about his indignation that he has kept in him.

Asked about his thoughts on his new record, he said, “I've been itchy for the moment. The itchy feeling has always been in my system for three years when I am less than lucky,” referring to his limited appearances as a pinch-hitter and a fielder for the past three years. “This is why you want to surpass his record (to prove that you are good),” he said. Asked for comments on his moments of suffering, he said, “Who wants to say you are suffering if you are in the middle of it? I don’t. Nobody will.”

“I have always been laughed at all my life. When I won the leading hitter title in Japan, I said I wanted to win the same title in the Major League. Then, many people laughed at me,” he said.

Asked for comments on other great records in the baseball history, he said, “There are many good records in baseball but not all good records are made by players with good character. The reality is sometimes the opposite. Great records are great only when great players make them. I want to see great players break my record.


1.      Is Ichiro happy when he broke the record?
2.      How do you describe his mood? stoic? pensive? restrained? angry? happy?
3.   If Ichiro were American, how would he answer the interview?


Touda, H. (2016, June 17).  Ichiro reaches all time high hits in Japan and the United States. [Ichiro nichi bei tsusan de saita anda] The Asahi Shimbun. p. 1.

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