Thursday, July 28, 2016

Job Interview

Interviewer:   So, you're teaching English for a long time.
Interviewee:  Yes. Since 1980's.
Interviewer:  That's longer than any of our teachers here.
Interviewee:  That's possible.
Interviewer:  Since, you have so much experience, maybe you could shed light on
                   the situations we have in our university.
Interviewee:  Oh, OK.
Interviewer:  You see, we have a situation that ...
Interviewee:  I understand the situation. If I were you I would ...
Interviewer:  That's right. We could try that here, too. One more thing...You
                   see, we have students who are...
Interviewee: If I were you, I would...
Interviewer: Wow! That will work, too. Thank you very much.
Interviewee: You're welcome.

In a few days later, the interviewee received a letter that says: Dear Mr. Sekino. Thank you very much for coming to our interview. Your teaching career and expertise are certainly impressive, but unfortunately the position has been given to someone else.

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