Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Gatekeeper:          Next, please!
Man:                     Err…I can’t speak English.
Gatekeeper:          Don’t worry about it. We all speak one language here.
Man:                     This is strange. He is a foreigner and I understand him.                                          Maybe my English skills are improved.
Gatekeeper:          What are you mumbling about? I said we all speak one                                         language here. In fact, you do not speak a language, but                                       you will feel it. You’ll see it. I’ll take it that you used to be                                      Japanese?
Man:                     Used to be?
Gatekeeper:          You were Japanese?
Man:                     Yes, I am.
Gatekeeper:          Your name was Koji Takarazuka?
Man:                     Was?
Gatekeeper:          Never mind. You were Koji Takarazuka?
Man:                     Yes, I am.
Gatekeeper:          Wait a minute. I think I have met you before. Oh, I                                                 remember you were the one who interviewed me and                             rejected me because I was Japanese.
Man:                     Yeah, you were the Japanese man who pretended to be a                                     native speaker of English.
Gatekeeper:          Now, your entry to the land has just been denied based on                                   the fact that you used to be Japanese.
Man:                     Wait a minute! That’s racial discrimination!
Gatekeeper:          Next, please!

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