Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Darn! He's Japanese!

She smiles and looks like she enjoys studying English when she is in the class. Her English skills are of minimal. Last week, a target sentence was, "What is your first name?" I asked this question to my students. When it was her turn to reply, she panicked. She said the English equivalent of, "What? What? What does 'first name' mean? Masako. Yes! Yes! Masako. My name Masako!" I then told my students to switch the roles. They were supposed to ask me the question. I said my first name was Shinichi, which is my real name. Nicky is a professional name I use when I teach English. All my students were visibly shocked to learn that I was Japanese. They obviously had thought I was American.

Today, I am told that the two students of the class will be absent tomorrow. Is it because I am Japanese?

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