Saturday, August 12, 2017

Confusion at Subway Service Counter

If you lived in Tokyo, Japan, you might know what a PASMO card is, which is an electronic ticket for the subway. With a PASMO card, subway ride will be made easy. People place it over the electronic screen of a ticket gate and the gate doors open. 

A PASMO card is also a debit card. You can deposit money if it is short of fund. A few weeks ago, I tried to add 40,000 yen into my PASMO card, which caused some confusion between a subway station man and me.

It should be easy to add money to a PASMO card. Insert a PASMO card into a PASMO terminal located in a subway station. Follow the depositing instructions on the screen. Insert money into the cash slot. For the reason I did not know, the PASMO terminal I used did not follow this standard procedure and I could not deposit 40,000 yen.

I went to the service counter to explain what happened. I said, "Can I deposit 40,000 yen into my PASMO card?” to the man who sat behind the desk. He did not answer my question but said, "How much do you have in your PASMO card?" I said, "A little over 10,000 yen." He said, “Deposit 5,000 yen and add 10 yen at a time.” 

Being thoroughly confused, I returned to the PASMO terminals corner and operated on another terminal - with the same results. 

I returned to the service counter, thinking the terminals I used might have limited functions for the customers and maybe the man could manipulate the terminals in the office to allow the deposit of 40,000 yen for me.

I explained this idea to him and he said, “Make the deposit of 5,000 yen. Add 10 yen at a time," like he was a broken record. He would be insane to hint the addition of 10 yen at a time until the entire deposit reaches 40,000 yen, 

I said, “I asked you a simple question. Give me a simple answer.” He said, “OK. What is your question?” I said, “Would it be possible to deposit 40,000 yen?” He said, “I told you. The answer is no!” 

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