Friday, March 18, 2016

Selection of Olympic Atheletes

When Japanese marathon runner Kyoko Fukushi won the Osaka Women’s Marathon in January 2016, she was sure of her chances to go to 2016 Rio Summer Olympics because her finishing time was within Japan’s threshold for Olympics marathon races. In her winning speech, Fukushi said something to the effect of, “Wait for me, Rio!” with a smile.
However, the Japan Association of Athletic Federations (JAAF) did not nominate her for the Olympics - much to the dismay of Fukushi.
Three months later in March 2016, Executive Managing Director Mitsune Ogata of the JAAF announced its decision to nominate her for the Olympics. During his press conference, he said, “It was highly unlikely that someone else would break Fukushi’s record when she won Osaka, but we did not nominate her because if we did, other marathon runners would feel bad.”
So, the selection of Olympic athletes is not to choose someone for the person’s performance. Wait until the last minute to minimize the sorrow of those who are not chosen.

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